February Haiku

my favorite tea bowl

lost to a sage who once said

it’s okay to break form

mostly gulping

it was a splendid night

of sitting zazen

no water this time

for those poor hungry ghosts

too much thinking

eyes struck a turkey

looking through the window

the mind gobbles

somewhere a coconut

is being hit outside

time to sit zazen

the Tao echoes

all around the zendo

white bean soup

Sand Castle

I worked hard to build
This lovely sand castle.
I bring visitors through
The well-kept courtyard.

The back room collapsed
A little while ago.
It shocked me at first
I thought this was sturdy.

The fallen sands reveal
An infinite ocean closing in.
The waves collect anything
Lying in its path.

I’ve worked so hard
On this crumbling sand castle.
What will others say
When the courtyard is taken?

A wave hits my window,
Filling the floor with cold ocean.
I lost my breath and stood frozen
Could not deny what I saw.

I’ve no need for this castle
The sea is my true home.
It was there all along,
Just waiting to be seen.

haiku and such 2

fog hugging mountain

the two are not separate

drizzling rain

sound and silence

not one without the other

I walk to the ridge

nothing but fog

somewhere an ocean

nothing to be done

wait for something to arise

bottle of sake

beautiful flowers

at empty office buildings

no one to see

gust of wind

knocked over the pot of mint

or maybe a cat

haiku and such

who am I

which part of me

is unsatisfied

spring fog is here

warm afternoons and cool air

no track of time

conditioned mind

its vision narrow

look through awareness

mix of emotions

watching preferences arise

I’ll take the green tea

stone thrown in pond

water reverberates

birds fly, flowers fall

a candle flickers

our true self is right here

light casts a shadow

looking deeply into

the mirror of samadhi

I vow to polish

laughing with delusions

being with others

opening new doors

cleaning the zendo

birds singing dharma

time to go home

the han sounds funny

a friend points to the center

sound of wood rings clear

dolphins passed us in winter

we watched from the shore

no coincidence

returning to office

meeting with other buddhas

please have some tea

life is a painting

both dreadful and wonderful

who is the artist?

eating clam chowder

before sitting zazen

doan, ring the bell

Thinking, Not Thinking

While thinking of thinking,

And thinking of not thinking,

It’s simple to forget the I.

For only a moment,

A moment of moments,

Truth has no place to hide.

No “I” to wonder the meaning of this,

The moment is gone and the next one appears.

This is just this,

It’s all it is,

But it’s simple to forget.