About Fog Sutra

The learning curve for Zen feels quite steep – at least that’s been my experience so far.

There are many sutras to read and many Zen masters to quote. Zen is supposedly simple to follow as it focuses primarily on meditation (zazen), but from a beginner’s perspective the amount of reading required can be overwhelming.

In response, I hope to provide a resource for others beginning their Zen and/or meditation journey. I also hope that my writing encourages others to continue their practice. That’s at least one of the reasons I’ve started writing: to track my own progress in hopes of self-encouragement.

So what should you, the reader, expect from Fog Sutra?

  1. Progress reports on my daily meditation practice.
  2. Writings on how I got started with meditation and how I currently practice.
  3. Excerpts and thoughts on various reading materials (books, sutras, various Zen writings – I like to read anything and everything).
  4. Possible topics on other Zen communities (e.g. reddit, online forums, and encounters with local Zen centers and groups).

The next few posts should describe my beginnings with meditation, how I currently practice, and what got me interested in Zen of all things. I would also like to state up front: I am not an expert. I am still a beginner. And the reader should expect some mistakes here and there. However, I am completely open to ideas, suggestions, and criticism. And if I learn something along the way which negates a previous idea, I will publish an update.

Until next time, keep practicing.

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